Engineering Services Partnership (ESP) was established in 1997 to bring a higher level of experience and expertise to building services projects.

We do this by combining our engineering expertise with a strong commercial focus. This results in successful projects that meet all client requirements and are delivered cost effectively and on time.

This approach has allowed us to grow significantly, and has ensured repeat business across our client base. But we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re continuously innovating our services to meet clients' ever-evolving needs and we’re always pushing boundaries.

This has made us particularly in demand in critical facilities, data centres, commercial and retail sectors.

A UK wide network  

ESP has four main offices in Croydon, Peterborough, Edinburgh and Manchester. We also have access to the nationwide network of offices of our affiliated companies Henry Riley Consultants Limited and Nidus Riley Ltd, enabling us to work on projects across the UK.

We’re also an active corporate citizen and have embedded CSR and environmental practices into our day-to-day operations.