Since 1997, we’ve been providing innovative building services design solutions that combine both our commercial technical and strategic skills. This is something that not all consultancies can offer.

It’s why so many clients choose to work with us. It's also why we have high levels of repeat business and still work with the same major UK blue chip clients that appointed us when the company first formed.

Other reasons clients choose ESP include:

Our Philosophy

Seeing the bigger picture
We offer technical solutions that mean fewer issues at handover and in occupancy. We also look at the ongoing commercial viability of a project. It means we consistently deliver projects that exceed client expectations.

Innovative thinking
We don’t stand still and are constantly challenging the norms to drive improvements. We’re committed to creative and innovative thinking to find the best solutions possible, to meet our clients’ requirements.

Our Responsiveness

There’s no one size fits all
We know that every project is different, just as every client is different, so every service we provide is tailored to you, your organisation and your project.

Going beyond expectations
Our approach is not about how we can meet your objectives; it’s about how we can exceed your objectives. We’re a results orientated business and driven by successful outcomes.

Our Reliability

Always improving
KPI scores, formal surveys and project debriefings show we offer excellent and innovative services. While we’re proud of this achievement, we view it as a minimum standard and always aim to continuously improve our delivery.

Senior management involvement
All individual appointments are led by a director. This means you benefit from the expertise of the most senior people in our business.